169. Weight Reduction Techniques in Transformer and Coil Design


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T Wroblewski: 169. Weight Reduction Techniques in Transformer and Coil Design. In: 17th Annual Conference, Belmont Plaza Hotel, New York, New York, May 19-22, pp. 121, Society of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc., New York, New York, 1958.



The ultimate weight of an inductor, whether it is a transformer, choke or solenoid, largely depends on the coil design and the required environmental protection. The use of foil instead of round wire offers in many cases a possibility of a weight saving. Whether wire or foil is used, molding the coil separately for environmental protection also offers a potential weight saving.
The wafer coil technique which is essentially winding wide sheets of foil into the desired number of turns and then cutting into sections and reassembling for the required total number of turns is described. The wafer technique as it applies to weight reduction is discussed with emphasis on various methods of cooling.
Various methods of environmental protection for transformers are reviewed.
A method of protecting the coil only and its effect on weight saving is explained along with actual comparisons over conventional methods.


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