178. Aircraft Gas Turbine Weight Control


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A J Eagan: 178. Aircraft Gas Turbine Weight Control. In: 17th Annual Conference, Belmont Plaza Hotel, New York, New York, May 19-22, pp. 21, Society of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc., New York, New York, 1958.



The evolution of aircraft to its present status has placed increased requirements on the aircraft power plant. As a result, it has become increasingly more difficult to balance the many factors which must be considered in producing a power plant which satisfies the needs of the weapon system. Therefore the purpose of this paper is to discuss one of these factors, namely; engine weight and to relate the approach to Weight Control employed by the management of the Aircraft Gas Turbine Division of General Electric which accomplishes this objective.
This paper will then deal specifically with the evolution of the Weight Control function to its present status including the concept of management by objectives; a discussion of the many variables and the compromises required in a balanced design; a description of the organizational relationships and responsibilities; and the specific functions of the Weight Control Group as it is integrated into the overall design and development cycle; a discussion of the approach to Weight Control employed, its basis, and methods of communication of information; and a summary of the 'state-of-art' advancements in both technique and approach.
The conclusion derived by this paper is that management by objectives will result in optimum consideration of engine weight as a factor in engine design to insure the best balanced weapon system.


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