181. Weight Estimating Problems of Airborne Electronics Equipment


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R Reichel: 181. Weight Estimating Problems of Airborne Electronics Equipment. 1958.



Although weight estimates for new airborne equipment have not always been reliable, the factors which contribute to the Inaccuracies have not received adequate analysis. To encourage studies which will lead to a better understanding of weight estimation problems in the avionics industry, the causative factors are enumerated and briefly discussed in this paper.
The various aspects of electronic systems evolution which lead to weight estimation difficulties are categorized into four major classifications. In the actual situation these categories are not separate or independent, but are quite interrelated; however, some segregation of the causative factors is needed to permit analysis of the problem. The categories selected for discussion by the author are those which relate to the phases of system evolution, factors inherent to electronic equipment design, attitudes of electronic engineers toward weight control, and the effect of contractual arrangements or commitments on weight estimation accuracy.
No attempt is made to draw conclusions or prescribe remedies for any of the problems of weight estimation in the avionics industry. The purpose of this paper will be satisfied if those concerned with the effects of erroneous weight estimates will be motivated by this general summary of contributing factors to determine the specific causes which are applicable to their particular projects.


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