202. Balance Methods for Dual Class Cabins


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J J Martinez: 202. Balance Methods for Dual Class Cabins. 1958.



This paper was presented at the Airline Session, Seventeenth National Conference of the S.A.W.E. May 19-22, 1958, Belmont Plaza Hotel, New York, New York.
The advent of dual class cabins, i.e., combination of first class and coach class cabins, introduced many problems, from a weight and balance standpoint, not present in airplanes with one class interiors. The Weight Engineer is now faced with the responsibility of maintaining records not for one fleet of airplanes, but for nearly 44 different fleets, since any of the airplanes in the fleet can readily be modified to any of the different configurations. It now become apparent that a penalty must be paid for the increased flexibility obtained by the use of dual class cabins. The biggest problem facing the Weight Engineer is the development of a load distribution chart that must be simple, yet provide sufficient flexibility to permit the fullest utilization of the aircraft payload potential.
This paper outlines a new type of Tabular Loading Chart method the determines, analytically, the maximum and minimum cargo weight that must be loaded in a controlling cargo compartment in order to shift the aircraft C.G. to the desired limits when various ratios of first class and coach passengers are seated in their respective compartments.


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