206. Cargo Density Study


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A F Devenish: 206. Cargo Density Study. 1958.



This paper was presented at the Airline Session, Seventeenth National Conference of the S.A.W.E. May 19-22, 1958, Belmont Plaza Hotel, New York, New York.
The restrictive effect frequently placed upon the payload weight space of an aircraft by bulk weight limitations, requires that such limitations be given thorough consideration during payload evaluations.
It is therefore, or prime importance that knowledge is obtained of the various commodity densities through practical field investigation.
For the purpose of this study, it was decided that the objections would encompass two areas. The acquisition of:
1. A route commodity density on a point to point basis for use in route capacity analyses.
2. A general commodity density, covering the Trans-Canada Airlines System (North America), for use in the basic evaluation of new aircraft and for general use.


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