207. Notes on the Loading Characteristics of the Britannia 102 Aircraft


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D G Harris: 207. Notes on the Loading Characteristics of the Britannia 102 Aircraft. 1958.



This paper is a 5 page note on the loading characteristics of the BRITANNIA 102 as operated by the British Overseas Airways Corporation (B.O.A.C.). The B.O.A.C. fleet included 15 aircraft that were operating over African and Eastern routes. Details include the fleet average weight of 81,800 lb and the aircraft prepared for service average weights of 89,980 lb for the 48 tourist/20 deluxe mixed class and 89,000 lb for the 40 deluxe class configurations. Sample weight calculations are shown for the passengers and freight for these configurations with the comment that the aircraft payload is limited by the volumetric capacity. Loading of a future 92 passenger economy class aircraft, the allowable freight would need to be reduced. Under general remarks it was stated that by present day standards the Britannia 102 lower holds are fairly satisfactory from the loadability stand point. Closing remarks include the favourable and critical points on the lower holds.


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