218. Aircraft Growth – Local Transport Category


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W H Arata: 218. Aircraft Growth - Local Transport Category. In: 18th National Conference, Henry Grady Hotel, Atlanta, Georgia, May 18-21, pp. 40, Society of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc., Atlanta, Georgia, 1959.



This paper shows that there are many factors - some related, some unrelated - influencing the design and growth of aircraft. Some of the factors, like the government guaranteed loans, are unique to the local transport category. Others, like matching power plant growth to airframe growth, are common to the design of all airplanes; but the one overriding feature of all is that the airframe manufacturer is in business to make a profit. As such, management must carefully guide all departments in order that the resulting profit reflects coordination and control of design scheduling and manpower, Figure 25 schematically shows the product-cost cycle. The investment in engineering, manufacturing and service personnel must reflect a return on the investment from sales that will exceed the initial investment. It is usually not until late in the product's cycle that the breakeven point is reached, where the area of investment equals the areas of return. Obviously, the area beyond the breakeven point is the profit for the entire program.
There are 25 figures based upon the data available at the time including, Domestic Passenger Scheduled Airline Service, Importance of Weight, F-27 In Flight, Aircraft Fleet Selection, Economic Comparison, Economic Justification, Speed-Payload Compromise, Takeoff Flight Path Definition, Equivalent Safety Takeoff (Landing Gear Retracted), Equivalent Safety Final Takeoff, Equivalent Safety Enroute, Obstacle Clearance, Influence of Regulations on Takeoff Field Length, Regulation Influence on Design, Combined Mission Capability, Power Plant Availability, Weight Growth, F-27 Dart Power Growth, Dart 6 Operating Growth, F-27 Fuselage Versatility, F-27 Fuel Capacity Growth, Purpose of Growth, Market Penetration, Operational Feedback and Product-Cost Cycle.


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