230. Pinpointing Lift-Off Weight


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H Keithley: 230. Pinpointing Lift-Off Weight. In: 18th National Conference, Henry Grady Hotel, Atlanta, Georgia, May 18-21, pp. 9, Society of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc., Atlanta, Georgia, 1959.



This paper examines the control of a missile's weight during a flight test program. It was determined that many problems arose that had never been previously encountered. There are two main principle areas where weight problems arise during missile flight testing. The first area of concern discussed was accounting for the changes made in the field which affect the weight empty. The second area of concern was the process accurately loading the required amount of propellants for flight.
The paper goes on to discuss that strict control must be put in place when changes are being made to the ship. Keeping track of these changes is important for achieving an accurate weight empty.
Furthermore, the paper goes on to mention that the most difficult weight problems are those linked with propellant servicing. To obtain the best possible accuracy some propellants are loaded by volume. However, the paper goes on to mention that it is impossible to load LOX by volume because of its physical properties. Loading LOX by weight requires determining the weight of the blanket of frost on the tank. It then goes on to say that we must monitor weight changes to the vehicle while the LOX is being serviced. Finally, it is necessary to find some means of handling the phenomenon of boiling-off.


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