232. Aircraft Fuel System Weight Estimation for the Tri-Sonic Era


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W C Crooker: 232. Aircraft Fuel System Weight Estimation for the Tri-Sonic Era. 1959.



During the past decade the major emphasis in preliminary design weight estimation has been directed toward developing an adequate structural analysis program, while at the same time fuel system estimation has continued to depend primarily on the statistical method. This method, which presents fuel system weight as a percentage of total fuel volume, is subject to considerable error, when applied to transonic aircraft because of the variation in configuration, fuel flow rate, and fuel quantity.
Although several approaches to the problem were investigated it soon became apparent that the only method of achieving reliable system weight estimate was to adapt basic fuel system design procedures to the estimating process.
The purpose of this paper is to show that by applying a rational analytical procedure to the briefest details of design philosophy an adequate weight estimate can be formulated.


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