233. Frame Design and Analysis Through Iterative Digital Processes


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M D Musgrove: 233. Frame Design and Analysis Through Iterative Digital Processes. 1959.



This paper introduces an IBM program written in ‘Fortran’ language that renders a fuselage frame design which is optimized for two distinct sets of loads and temperatures. It also performs the loads, stress, and deflection analysis for each of the conditions. The program allows for use and understanding by those who have had no experience with electronic computers as ‘Fortran’ is one of the simplest forms of IBM coding.
The program uses the virtual work concept for the solution of closed rings, and the solutions are developed through the use of finite difference equations. It analyzes a fuselage frame for moment, sear and axial loads at discrete points with different temperature gradients, fuselage bending, and shearing of reactions to the skin and directly applied loads. The frame is then designed while recognizing the allowable stresses for the design material and minimal allowable material gages and areas. The frame depth is selected at each point within predetermined limits, which provides the lightest fuselage design.


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