238. Automation and Performance Measurement of a Weight Control Function


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A J Eagan: 238. Automation and Performance Measurement of a Weight Control Function. 1959.



The purpose of this paper is to present General Electric’s large aircraft gas turbine – Weight Control experience in applying the principles of automation to Mass Properties calculations. It’s essential to differentiate between calculation steps that require ‘intelligence’, thus human judgment, and steps that can be automated. A system of automatic calculation increases productivity of the Mass Properties function, to meet the ever increasing industry demand. A pilot line study was conducted and resulted in a productivity increase of 66% over former ‘manual’ system of analysis. The pilot study proved the advantages of using an automatic system for the transposing of drawings to calculation form, processing the data in calculating functions, exporting results from particular functions and adding geometric element data to reflect part totals. Conversely, limitations of the system were also identified in the calculation of small parts, changes in design that affected only a small portion of the part, or calculations required in a timely manner. With the automatic electronic system, potential areas of error were reduced in transposing of drawing information, human error during manual data input and output in integrating total engine information. Following the study, it is recommended to utilize Automatic Calculation to obtain optimal utilization of manpower, by reducing time spent on routine functions.


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