248. Liquid Propellant Weight Testing for Large Ballistic Missiles


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H L Jensen, J E Mullen, D L Johnston: 248. Liquid Propellant Weight Testing for Large Ballistic Missiles. 1961.



The paper first discusses the problem from the approach of a generalized test program, starting with a Customer Test request and following the various steps through the process of generating the required definitions, understandings, concurrences, and coverages (authorizing documents) that lead to a successful test program. (Portions of the paper are based on actual experience in the Atlas Missile test program.) The discussion continues through the test program to the final report to the customer.
One of the most important facets of this paper is the exploration of the various ‘Design concept’ Transducers Systems of each type (Delta Press, load cell, temperature, etc to most adequately detect, convert, and record the phenomena it will be monitoring, an illustrative admonition to the above is ‘Don’t measure A.C. with a D.C. meter’ .
The final phase of the paper deals with the reduction and analysis of the data recorded during the test sequence. The statistical methods are explored from the theoretical background through to the reduced data. An illustrative sample is included to demonstrate one particular method utilized.


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