253. Standard Form for Weight and Balance Data Presentation


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G W Benedict: 253. Standard Form for Weight and Balance Data Presentation. 1960.



This paper was presented at the Eighteenth Annual National Conference Airline Session, May 18 -21, 1959. This paper establishes the necessary standard forms and the description of each form for the purpose of the evaluation process of an aircraft. These standard forms include:
1. General Information
2. Group Weight Statement of Manufacturer’s Weight Empty
3. Itemized List of Cabin Furnishings
4. Typical Gross Weight Summary Statement
5. Useful Load Data
6. Balance Diagram
This paper also details the standard forms for the Operational Weight and Balance Data. These standard forms include;
1. General Information
2. Weight Empty Data
3. Useful Load Data
4. General Loading Restrictions
5. Dimensional Data
6. Notes on Aircraft Weighing
7. Supplementary Data


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