268. Selection of Optimum Insulation


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G R Williams: 268. Selection of Optimum Insulation. 1960.



This paper was presented at the Nineteenth National Conference of the Society of Aeronautical Weight Engineers at Los Angeles, California, May 16 – 19, 1960. It is the Weight Control Engineer’s responsibility to insure that the lightest part satisfying design requirements is used in all cases. The means for accomplishing this objective varies with the individual and the set of circumstances which face him. In the final analysis he can be judged only on the basis of whether or not he accomplished his objective.
The question of who is responsible for design optimization should be considered in this light. It does not matter who performs the optimization just so it is done. However, the designer is usually faced with such a tight drawing schedule that he is forced to think of something that ‘does the job’ and proceed. In like manner, the responsible Technical Engineer has time to do little more than analyze and ‘pass judgment’ on the design. Hence it is normally left to the Weight Control Engineer to give evidence that some other design is lighter in order to have consideration given an alternate design. The Weight Control Engineer needs all the help he can enlist in performing this function. Therein lies the value of a theoretical design optimization studies such as the one contained herein.


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