275. Some Reasons for Concern About the “”M”” in F=MA in Rocketry


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G R Blayzor: 275. Some Reasons for Concern About the ”M” in F=MA in Rocketry. 1961.



This paper was presented at the Twentieth National Conference of the Society of Aeronautical Weight Engineers at Akron, Ohio, May 15 – 18, 1961. This paper will attempt to analyze one of the most severe problems facing the weight specialist in the field of rocketry. The problem is the continuing and significant need for answering questions as to the importance of weight knowledge, or weight control.
The prevalence of such questions is discussed, in an attempt to explore the reasons for any mystery about the weight parameter. The writer will try to pinpoint some of the types who most frequently raise questions of this nature, and will point out that the reasons are in many instances very legitimate. The weight specialist is frequently confronted by demands for very specific answers where such answers do not exist. All too often the lack of ability to realistically satisfy such demands, or to present a clear cut case procreates an even greater conviction that missile weight is indeed, a minor problem and of no particular consequence to the given program.
The writer will discuss some of the more fundamental reasons which are not always obvious, but which point up the need for adequate knowledge of weight parameters.
The areas discussed will include cost of overdesign versus weight control conservatisms required in mission planning due to weight uncertainties and the fallacy of miniaturizing components while oversizing the vehicle.
The paper will conclude with a broad attempt to point out the obligations of the missile weight specialist with respect to this problem area. The fact that the weight engineer is guilty of poor salesmanship and the obligations with which he is confronted are summarized. The writer will attempt to get himself shot by indicating some of those areas in which a weight specialist must excel if he ever wishes to see his profession placed in the technical realm of respect which it deserves.


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