285. Load Processing


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H Ekstedt: 285. Load Processing. In: 20th National Conference, Akron, Ohio, May 15-18, pp. 12, Society of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc., Akron, Ohio, 1961.



This paper was presented at the Twentieth National Conference of the Society of Aeronautical Weight Engineers at Akron, Ohio, May 15 - 18, 1961. This paper discusses load processing is an integrated part of airport activities as a whole and is thus in its methods and aids dependent on the rest of these activities. Moreover, such methods and aids can differ considerably from airline to airline at the same airport. This not only due to differences in the basic conditions for its practical execution of the processing, but also due to different opinions in the evaluation of conflicting requirements on the same. Also included is a discussion of the requirement of load processing and methods of integration as a main object for improved efficiency. A brief discussion of the SAS present electronic data processing system for passenger check-in and load control in Copenhagen is included. In Addition, Load planning, Passenger check-in, Baggage and mail processing, Cargo processing and Load control are discussed as well as a general comment to in and output/from electronic load processing system is included as well.


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