286. The Current Trends of Threaded Fastener Weight in Aerospace Vehicles


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J B Duke: 286. The Current Trends of Threaded Fastener Weight in Aerospace Vehicles. 1961.



This paper was presented at the Twentieth National Conference of the Society of Aeronautical Weight Engineers at Akron, Ohio, May 15 – 18, 1961. The status of currently available lightweight threaded fasteners is reviewed to place emphasis on the utilities of miniaturization, structural weight reduction , installation eases, and high temperature adaptability.
Stress is placed on the need for critical review of fastener selection procedures, particularly when different elements of an aerospace system are involved. Among the most profitable areas for weight control study are those in which use of existing lightweight parts can be extended to new environments, or new strength levels, providing gross weight reduction by parts which are closely tailored to actual needs.
Fastener reliability and assured quality are considered to be of utmost importance. The development of a new threaded fastener system, aimed at providing a very high level of fatigue life and endurance, is presented. Several new types of ‘installation utility’ or cost reduction fasteners are described with application notes.
The growing emphasis on avionic components for aerospace systems requires a re-orientation of traditional aircraft assembly methods. The highly developed fasteners for such electronic units are outlined, with their cost and weight reduction advantages.


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