365. Weight Control of Airborne Electronic Systems


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W A Van Dyke: 365. Weight Control of Airborne Electronic Systems. 1963.



This paper was presented at the Twenty-second Annual National Conference of the Society of Aeronautical Weight Engineers at St. Louis, Missouri, April 29-May 1, 1963. This paper briefly discusses weight and balance control as associated with airborne electronic systems integrated within existing USAF aircraft. This paper first introduces a reconfigured aircraft by airborne electronic systems by giving a brief evaluation as viewed by Temco Aerosystems Weights Group. Next, a weights organization geared for quick reaction is discussed. In this discussion, features and purposes of Temco’s Weights Group are given. Also, a listing of current weights’ reporting requirement is given. Lastly, in order to illustrate the affects of the Temco Aerosystems’ Weights Organization on an airborne electronic system integrated within a USAF aircraft, a current contract is reviewed. This contract is the reconfiguration of the USAF C-130A aircraft to a JC-130A ‘Early Times’ aircraft. The JC-130A aircraft was reconfigured to collect telemetry information from missiles and spacecraft during re-entry and impact. This reconfiguration of the JC-130A aircraft added 11,659 pounds to the C-130A’s basic weight. This added weight of 11,659 pounds plus an increase in fuel capacity (5,850 pounds) was accomplished within the C-130A’s allowable gross weight limitation of 124,200 pounds.


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