434. Basic Weight Trends for Bomber and Transport Aircraft


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W H Marr: 434. Basic Weight Trends for Bomber and Transport Aircraft. 1964.



Since there was an apparent need for a method to obtain a quick check of an estimate, as opposed to obtaining an estimate in the first place. The results of the survey showed that the need still existed for this particular problem.
After the guidelines and rules for t h i s study were established, a set of definitions were derived before data could be obtained. The gross weight was broken down into seven, well defined groups, These are the structure, propulsion, power systems, equipment, manufacturing variation, operating and mission design load. These groups were then plotted verses gross weight, first for military transports, and then for bombers. The transport curves then shown as broken lines on the bomber curves, clearly depicted the similarities and differences. From the discussion, it was concluded that these curves represent basic trends with gross weight, It was observed, for example, that with the advent of more efficient materials and construction, more stringent requirements were placed upon them, with the results eliminating any apparent weight savings. Besides the check of an estimate, it was suggested that these curves could be used to compare different methods.


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