511. The Lockheed Starlifter Commercial Jet Freighter


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H S Hopkins: 511. The Lockheed Starlifter Commercial Jet Freighter. 1965.



Today I ‘ d like to tell you about the Model 300 StarLifter’ a short background of its genesis and purpose, and our progress in developing the airline version of the airplane . This is where a few novel facts about the new importance
and unimportance of weight come in. First of all, a little history. This is the Starlifter in its configuration as a C-141A for the Air Force. It’s a relatively conventional, large, jet airplane, 145 feet long with a 160 foot wing span and 39 foot high tail. It’s a high wing airplane, this feature being dictated by the desire to achieve a truck-bed-level loading capability with complex ‘kneeling’ type landing gear. The wing has a 25 degree sweep and, without high lift devices, gives the C141A short field take off and landing capability so necessary for its tactical military service.


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