550. A Simplified Technique for Precision Measurement of Three Axis Center of Gravity


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D M Murphy, R D Hurley: 550. A Simplified Technique for Precision Measurement of Three Axis Center of Gravity. 1966.



This paper presents a simplified technique for measuring the three-axis center of gravity of an object. It is simplified in the sense that once the object is located in the fixture it does not require reorientation to obtain the third axis center of gravity.
A technique has been developed which uses the principles of balancing and testing for the point of neutral equilibrium. A relatively simple fixture can be designed with several built-in qualities such as ease of locating the object precisely in the fixture, a well defined pivot point, easy adjustment of sensitivity, low cost, and universal application.
The basic design of this fixture, which applies to any size test article, is discussed along with the design details for applying this measurement to a particular shroud. A unique feature of this method is that the whole system is supported from a single overhead point directly above the center of gravity of the system. The single point is located at the center of an overhead beam which supports the fixture and object from two thin cables. The discussion also includes the accuracies obtained with this method and its costs and recommendations for the future.


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