551. AIRLOAD – Airlines Load Optimization Recording and Display System


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J J Mulder: 551. AIRLOAD – Airlines Load Optimization Recording and Display System. 1966.



AIRLORD is a modern electronic aid enabling airlines to achieve maximum utilization of available capacity.
AIRLORD speeds up the pre-departure handling of passengers baggage, mail and freight.
AIRLORD prepares load documentation.
AIRLORD ensures positive control of the entire loading process from ‘check-in’ until ‘doors-closed’
AIRLORD utilizes three basic components each matched to the user operational needs. It should be noted that the completes system is constructed around a central processing and memory unit (CPU) , This central equipment is duplicated to ensure the highest degree of reliability. The input equipment for feeding information into the CPU can be installed as and where required functionally. It is of standard basic design but adapted to the number and/or nature of the specific control functions. The equipment incorporates a display of data essential for performing these functions. Load-sheet data concerning a specific flight are presented by the display equipment in the controlling central operations room. Furthermore, information relevant to a given Department may be displayed locally. The flight whose data have to be shown on a particular display by the CPU is selected by means of the associated input equipment.


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