553. Stan – Its Progress and Future


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B J Hawkins: 553. Stan – Its Progress and Future. 1966.



At the 1965 SAWE Conference I described the STAN system in paper No. 506. At that time we were in the throes of testing the system aboard one of Pan Am’s jet freighters and a lot of my paper was based on theory and ‘things to come.’
Now I am happy to report the progress which we have made over the year with STAN and the excellent results obtained with the system – which is now in operation aboard Pan Am’s complete 707-320C jet freighter fleet and will soon be installed aboard their 727QC’s as well.
The results of nearly a year of operational history are summarized in this paper together with a progress report on our other activities with the STAN system – primarily out C-5 activities, C-141 activities and related military projects plus the ever increasing activity in commercial airline operations.


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