563. Introduction to the Gyroplane


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J F Crane: 563. Introduction to the Gyroplane. 1966.



The major goal of Saalfeld Aircraft today is the accomplishment of obtaining Federal Aviation Authority certification for its new gyroplane before the end of this year. Many techniques must be resolved and many problems solved before the SKYSKOOTOR can be placed on the market.
A brief description of flight principles is included to familiarize those not directly associated in the gyroplane industry with the mechanics of operation and major considerations. The important part played by weight and balance in the design of the SKYSKOOTOR is highlighted. Solutions to problems affecting gyroplane flight and stability are discussed.
A section of this paper is assigned to auto rotation which provides an insight into the controls employed to use the aerodynamic forces which are independent of the torque forces inherent in the helicopter configurations.
Close center of gravity tolerances require overhead balancing methods after weight calculations for final accurate simulation of flight prior to take-off. The determination and methods used to calculate the center of gravity and to balance the craft are presented in detail. Gyroscopic effects on weight and balance, private and commercial potential, and a new method to aid C.G. variables are also included.


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