586. Value of a Pound


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J A Neilson: 586. Value of a Pound. In: 25th Annual Conference, San Diego, California, May 2-5, pp. 17, Society of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc., San Diego, California, 1966.



The phrase 'Value of a Pound' means different things to different people. To engineers concerned with the design and operation of modern aircraft, it means what it is worth in dollars to reduce airplane weight considering initial design and fabrication costs plus the subsequent effect on airplane performance. Using a cost effectiveness approach, a cost/weight factor can be established in terms of dollars per pound of weight saved, and used as a measure to evaluate proposed changes in concepts and designs. This factor must be positively administered by an effective weight control program which must apply it equitably across all components and subsystems. It must be used to foster and sustain the development of scientific advances and expedite the application of these advances to a practical and economic base.
The concern of the engineer involved in design about weight growth is genuine and he must be constantly aware of these advances in order to consider their application in design and thus assure himself some measure of success in achieving his weight targets.


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