605. How Much Weight Control of Aircraft Carriers?


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B M Lake: 605. How Much Weight Control of Aircraft Carriers?. 1967.



Weight control of an aircraft carrier for the shipbuilder begins with the Preliminary Design Weight Estimate and may possibly end with the acceptance of this estimate. However, if sufficient margins have not been provided to compensate for the weight and moment increases which may occur during design and construction, the shipbuilder may be confronted with the impossible task of delivering the ship within the accepted weight and KG* limits. Unpredicted KG rise occurring during the inclining experiment must be recognized by the ship’s owner and the builder must be permitted to compensate for this rise with vertical moment margin.
Early in the detail design of a carrier a comparatively small amount of weight control is possible. However, by the time a definite trend appears violating the limits of the weight control contract, design and construction will have progressed to the point that only anticipated margins in the Accepted Weight Estimate will compensate for delivery of the ship within the limits.
If the inclining experiments are to be the final determination for acceptance of the end product, improvements are needed in the state of the art.


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