623. Project Skylounge


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R J Tynan: 623. Project Skylounge. In: 26th Annual Conference, Boston, Massachusetts, May 1-4, pp. 18, Society of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc., Boston, Massachusetts, 1967.



The increasing traffic strain due to ground transportation congestion at airline terminals suggests utilization of the relatively uncrowded local air space. As an effort to explore the feasibility of developing a system which would utilize this third dimension in combination with the flexibility offered by ground transportation, the stimulus for 'Project Skylounge' was generated.
The purpose of the initial phase of this program is to investigate the practicality of and economic feasibility of a combined ground and VTOL air passenger transport system to be used in intraurban transportation to downtown centers with particular emphasis on the benefits derived in the relief of airport congestion.
An organization was established to provide broad integration of the technical disciplines required for this study. This organization includes manufactures, architects, operators of both helicopter and surface transportation systems, as well as systems engineering specialists. Through the coordinated efforts of these groups, the designs and criteria associated with the air vehicle, passenger accommodations, attachment system, ground transportation system, and heliport site design are being established. An economic analysis of the operational aspects of the concept will also be conducted based primarily on the above design criteria. This analysis, coupled with an integrated program schedule, will provide the basis for determination of the overall feasibility of the Skylounge program.
This transportation system will involve the use of a flying crane helicopter, an air transportable passenger lounge, a self-powered ground vehicle, and a ground station at the heliport site for attaching and detaching the passenger lounge.


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