630. Application of Nomograms to Weight and Balance Analysis


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J F Mandl: 630. Application of Nomograms to Weight and Balance Analysis. 1967.



During all phases of Weight Engineering, there are situations in which the weight engineer needs an immediate answer to a numerical problem.
Some problems can be most rapidly solved by the use of nomograms. This paper presents several practical nomograms for the Weight Engineer.
The word ‘nomography’ from nomos, the Greek word for law, refers to the graphical representation of mathematical laws or relationships. The nomograms presented in this paper are the simple alignment type, which require only the use of a straightedge to solve the problem.
The nomograms shown, and their manner of construction, are the following:
1. The Nose Gear Reaction of an aircraft for various Gross Weights and C.G.’s.
2. The C.G. change to a vehicle due to:
a. relocating a weight within a vehicle
b. adding (or removing) a weight to a vehicle.
3. The radius of gyration of a system, for any gross weight and moment of inertia.
4. The moment of inertia change to a system as a result of adding (or removing) a weight to the
5. The Tip-back angle of an airplane for various horizontal and vertical C.G.’s.
The construction of nomograms is not difficult, when basic principles are understood. Weight engineers with specialized activities can construct nomograms for their particular needs.
This paper makes available to the weight engineer another tool, the Nomogram, to help him get the job done more efficiently.


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