641. Importance of Weight in Cost Effectiveness


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L H Corsaw: 641. Importance of Weight in Cost Effectiveness. 1967.



In an effort to avoid duplicating previous discussions, dissertations, etc., I have chose to discuss the subject of weight and its importance in cost-effectiveness primarily in the context of the conceptual phase of the Weapons System cycle in the Air Force. While this phase is much less hardware oriented than the subsequent phases of development and acquisitions of new, advanced Air Force sytems, it is my contention that the skeletons conceived in this initial phse should be subjected to discerning analysis since their frame size dictates the amount of flesh put on in the course of the definition and acquisition phases, flesh which in some respects can be identified as unwanted and unneeded avoirdupois. Since this discussion will be concerned with cost-effectiveness, I feel it is appropriate to define this term, in somewhat simplified fashion. Cost-effectiveness is that facet of systems analysis which attempts to relte the dollar resources required to provide a capability to the benefits to be gained in terms of mission accomplishment. Let me hasten to add that this is not necessarily a universally accepted definition, but I hope it will serve to set the framework for ensuing discussions.


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