652. Unique Features of the C-5 Weight Control Program


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B B Coker: 652. Unique Features of the C-5 Weight Control Program. 1968.



The Lockheed-Georgia Company is nearing completion design phase for the world’s largest airplane, the C-5A Military Transport. The C-5A has undergone an extremely stringent weight control program since its conception. This paper describes in detail the Weight Control Program with particular emphasis placed on description of the more unique portions of the program. Some of the unique activities covered are as follows:
1. Job Review Meetings
2. Weight Reduction Specialists.
3. Off-Site Design Teams.
4. Vendor and Subcontractor Program.
5. Red Flag Reports.
6. Review Teams.
7. Air Force Participation.
It is concluded that the program was successful since the production airplane today weighs less than the value guaranteed at the time of contract award.


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