655. Weight Estimation of Hypersonic Inlets


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R Jensen: 655. Weight Estimation of Hypersonic Inlets. 1968.



Aircraft cruise speeds have increased dramatically during the history of flight. Continuing this trend, we may expect to see hypersonic cruise vehicles by the year 1985. Cruise speedsin the Mach 5 to 12 regime present many known and potential problems. The art and science of weight engineering must assist in formulating the technological advances required to solve these problems.
This paper attempts to throw some light on one of the known problem areas; the engine air induction system. Several typical inlet configurations are shown. Operating conditions and design requirements are discussed to show how they affect inlet weight. Typical inlet weight estimating equations are developed which depend upon the significant design parmeters. Typical procedures which are used to derive these equations are outlined. Inlet weight sensitivity to variations in design parameters is also presented.


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