671. Weight Control as a Management System


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E K Straubinger: 671. Weight Control as a Management System. 1968.



This paper concerns the application of a modified Stanford Optner systems model to the task of weight control in a shipyard. It outlines the responsibility of the shipyard in the overall weight control program instituted for Naval Ships. From defining the responsibility the output of the system is evolved and subsequently the rest of the elements consisting of a processor, filter, feedback, control, and input. The location of the weight control system is derived within the scope of shipyard facility and specifically within the design system, thus exposing the interrelationship of various shipyard activikies and weight control. The weight control system is then presented as a working model of a management system within the more traditional organizational structures found in shipyards. This illustrates that with minor modifications to organization, a single function of the shipyard (in this case weight control) can be made into a system. The conclusion discusses the merits of invoking the systems concept to aid management in gaining complete visibility in such a way that an optimum program should be attainable for eachc onstruction job, This means increasing reliability of weight data for government and shipyard management use while keeping costs and manpower to the minimum necessary for the job under consideration.
The majo pointof this paper is to advance the state of the art of weight engineering by trying to advance the state of the art of engineering management.


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