688. Weight Growth – A Philosophy


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J E Harrison: 688. Weight Growth – A Philosophy. 1968.



Weight Growth has caused decreased performance, increased cost,and schedule slides on many of the current aerospace hardware programs. If we are to eliminate the weight growth which causes these undesireable effects it is essential that we understand the problem.
In investigating the causes of weight growth it has been concluded that they fall into three major categories.
Quality of Predicted Weight
Importance of Weight
Effectiveness of Weight Organization
The paper discusses the various factors which affect these parameters and how they relate to various types of products.
An additional approach to understanding the problem of weight growth involved investigating the weight growth experienced on past hardware programs. A data bank of some 54 points is presented and utilized to formulate a curve of weight growth versus probability of non-exceedance. The curve indicates that statistically there should be a 70 percent probability of not exceeding 15 percent growth. Although this statistical approach produces a very interesting curve, the validity is questionable because of the inconsistency of the available data points.
It is concluded that additional research is required to minimize undesirable weight growth and promote the delivery of optimum weight hardware.


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