718. Measuring Moment-Of-Inertia on an Aerospace Balancing System


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Richard Boynton, D G Stadelbauer: 718. Measuring Moment-Of-Inertia on an Aerospace Balancing System. 1968.



Moment of inertia measurement is described with a torsional pendulum and inverted torsional pendulum using a gas film bearing. Theoretical aspects of the torsional pendulum are discussed, with particular emphasis on main sources of error.
The use of small calibration weights at the end of a hollow aluminum beam is demonstrated to be not only convenient, but also very accurate and versatile. Design criteria for a suitable gas film bearing are described. A method is shown of mounting a gas film bearing on top of the vertical spindle of a balancing machine. The associated hardware and instrumentation is explained, including that of the balancing system.


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