737. A New Aerospace Balancing System for Mass Properties Determination


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D G Stadelbauer: 737. A New Aerospace Balancing System for Mass Properties Determination. 1969.



A new ‘hard bearing’ aerospace balancing system with hydrostatic spindle is described. Separate hydraulic pumps furnish high pressure oil to radial and axial bearing recesses to let the machine’s spindle rotate on a thin film of oil. Bearing noise is thus largely eliminated; permitting extreme amplification of minute unbalance forces generated at very low spin rates.
Simultaneous read out for both measuring planes occurs instantaneously on two special vectorial display units. These give a graphic representation of pay load unbalance directly in ounces and degrees by means of an illuminated target. Interchangeable coordinate scales permit direct read out of CoG displacement in pitch and yaw axes and/or POI values for Izy and Izy during the first spin up.
Earlier associated hardware such as non-rotating mounting rings, slip ring sets, or gas film bearings for measuring MOI have been extended to include constant monitoring of unbalance forces, contour pickups for determining the geometric axis of a payload, and digital readout with printer.


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