747. Air Transport Total In-Flight Simulator – 707


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J Egan, E R Hood: 747. Air Transport Total In-Flight Simulator – 707. 1969.



The Air Transport Total In-Flight Simulator-707 (AT/TIFS-707) concept acquaints the reader with this new approach to commercial transport inflight pilot training. Emphasis is placed on product objective, function, and development. The development portion of this paper is divided into three sections: (1) weight and balance; problems in converting an Allison Prop Jet Convair 440 aircraft to the AT/TIFS-707 aircraft are examined; (2) aircraft development; the AT/TIFS-707 aircraft development is discussed; (3) specific development encounters; particular emphasis is placed on the basic airframe and certain major flight systems. The concept of total in-flight simulation was developed by the Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory, Buffalo, New York. Tex Johnston, Incorporated, Santa Barbara, California has contracted with Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory for their exclusive assistance in extending the TIFS concept to commercial application. General Dynamics Convair division, San Diego, California is under contract to design and manufacture @ various AT/TIFS systems and component parts.


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