750. The US Navy’s Weight Control Program 1961 – 1969


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C F Smith: 750. The US Navy’s Weight Control Program 1961 – 1969. 1969.



Since the inception of the Weight Control Program for Naval Vessels and the writing of reference (1), those engaged in shipbuilding for the U.S. Navy have witnessed a complete change in the techniques of weight engineering.
With approximately eight years of experience in this endeavor by the Navy and private enterprise, much data has been accumulated as well as valuable experience gained. Based on this, the Navy should analyze it’s Weight Control Program to determine those areas where improvements can be made.
It would seem appropriate for the Navy to evaluate its’ Weight Control Program by posing certain questions such as the following:
a) Is the cost to the government commensurate with the results?
b) Is the Navy really controlling a ship’s weight, KG, trim, list and margin during construction or overhaul as the program was designed to do?
c) Are private shipbuilders, as well as the Navy’s, doing everything within reason to further the cause of Weight Control?
d) What is being accomplished by the Navy to educate its people connected with the program in regard to standardizing concepts used in negotiations with Contractors on Modifications, Accepted Weight Estimates and Government Furnished Material?
e) What has or is being done to properly staff government activities and private contractors to accomplish the Navy’s goals as set forth in detail specifications?
NAVSEC has the Navy’s complete history of Weight Control to date and the sole capability of re-evaluating the program, therefore it is impossible for the writer to answer the above questions. However, these questions are suggested and the following comments are made for the purpose of provoking thought in regard to improving the program as now delineated by detail specifications.


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