755. STAN(R) Integral Weight and Balance System – “An Updating”


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B J Hawkins: 755. STAN(R) Integral Weight and Balance System - 'An Updating'. In: 28th Annual Conference, San Francisco, California, May 5-8, pp. 28, Society of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc., San Francisco, California, 1969.



Continuous and increasing interest among the airlines and the aircraft manufacturers in Integral Weight and Balance Systems (IWBS) has resulted in developments which should be brought to the attention of these parties. The STAN(R) system, an IWBS in fairly general use, is well Known to the airline and aircraft community and the purpose of this paper is not to reiterate the design details of this system but rather to point up installations, experience and several new developments. Included in this paper will be references and some details on simplified versions of the system (AccuMAC) and associated related hardware. Operational experiences will be discussed and the application of techniques; materials and user philosophy shall also be brought out. In order not to bore them with unnecessary and redundant system description I have limited the basic IWBS concept as simple introduction and go from there into the more pertinent aspects of the subject as a whole. Proprietary data, by necessity, has been restricted but interested airline personnel (or manufacturers of aircraft) are invited to discuss these details in conference with the writer.


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