799. The Use of the Remote Computer Station for Best-Fit Equation Formulation


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R Bullis: 799. The Use of the Remote Computer Station for Best-Fit Equation Formulation. 1969.



While methods of deriving a best-fit equation from an array of statistical data are not new to industry, there is an absence of a digestable single publication whereby a weights analyst can set up and utilize a working system to derive parametric equations. To fill this void, a system utilizing a time-sharing remote computer station is presented, which allows the user to process his own input data and obtain answers in a matter of minutes. Not only is the reader shown how to use the program and what to expect from it, but is given the mathematical theory behind the program, the complete computer program with appropriate commentary, and samples of input data and output answers. The printed output gives a comparison between actual and best-fit values for each observation, percents of error and a standard deviation. This system renders the analyst more effective as he is independent of a relatively distant and batch-oriented data processing group.


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