811. An Automated System for Mass Properties Data Control


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J Bridges: 811. An Automated System for Mass Properties Data Control. 1969.



With the current data retrieval levels demanded by the Government as well as by civil customers, it is imperative that automated methods of mass properties data storage, update, and output be developed by the industry. This paper explains the system developed by Northrop and is based upon three criteria:
1. The system must contain sufficient flexibility to allow the extremes of 100% input of drawings or 100% bogie operation.
2. The system must be capable of logical contractual sequence operation from bogie data at design inception through released production drawings, with no operational changes and no transitional difficulties.
3. The system be designed to meet all current data needs, yet contain growth potential to meet future requirements.
It is believed that the system presented herein has achieved these goals within the acceptable limits of operational procedures.


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