829. An Analytical Approach to Landing Gear Weight Estimation


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P R Kraus: 829. An Analytical Approach to Landing Gear Weight Estimation. 1970.



In recent years it has become increasingly apparent that there is a definite need for more sensitive methods of weight estimation in advanced design of aircraft. This is evidenced by the fact that present statistical weight equations, while they do provide quick and accurate group weights for a given aircraft, do not always show a sensitivity to weight variation due to changes in geometry, design criteria, or performance requirements. It is the intent of this paper to show that increased sensitivity can be acquired in landing gear weight estimation through an analytical approach. the analytical approach is discussed in terms of three basic steps: estimation of ground loads according to the specifications of MIL-A-8862; resolution of forces and moments into each structural member of the landing gear; and finally the estimation of cross-sectional areas of the gear members to arrive at the structural weight of an analytical model. The final phase of the paper discusses various problems encountered in converting the landing gear structural model weight into realistic manufactured weight. It also shows some actual results and parameter variation curves.


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