863. PERA and Weight Control


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J S Chorley: 863. PERA and Weight Control. 1970.



The PERA program was conceived by NAVSHIPS in 1966 as a plan of action to resolve the complex ship overhaul program. The objective of the PERA’s is to assist NAVSHIPS and its field activities and the Fleet in efficiently and effectively accomplishing complex ship overhauls on schedule and within allocated funds. The program will provide the Fleet, upon completion of each overhaul and within specified funding and time constraints, a ship that is fully ready to carry out its mission.
Weight control is an important feature in the PERA program. Most of the CVA’s, DD’s, DLG’s and S8’s are in status 2 stability wise so that weight control, not weight reporting must be exercised, The importance of weight control cannot be too strongly emphasized. At the present time a CVA cannot carry its required fuel oil because in full load the ship would exceed the limiting draft marks. DLG’ s undergoing AAW modernization are having ballast added so that the class may meet the required stability, list and trim requirements. DD’s undergoing ASW modernization must have ballast added to also meet the required stability, list and trim requirements. At the present time the use of DISTILLATE fuel in lieu of the standard Navy fuel oil will also require the use of additional ballast.
Predicated on the above it appears the PERA’s have a very responsible role in the weight control program. When Class Improvement Plans (CIP’s) are drawn up, a close watch must be kept on the weight and moment additions and what items must be removed to compensate for the additional weight and moment. There should be continual monitoring of weight control reporting and if necessary a preliminary inclining experiment conducted. The preparation of a PERA-supported 180 day letter requires accurate advance weight/stability data re: compensation and authorizing and defining the new ship portion of the industrial work package during the ship overhaul.


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