864. Recurring Problems in Weight Reporting and Control


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R S Egan: 864. Recurring Problems in Weight Reporting and Control. 1970.



Typical problems in weight reporting .and control are described and illustrated with specific examples of their effects on the ships involved. It is shown that neglect of the weight control process can frustrate the intent of a shipbuilding program, resulting in the expensive production of ships which cannot perform their intended tasks, in some cases producing unsafe vessels. The effects of neglecting or postponing weight and moment calculations is illustrated by the British Hunt Class Escort Destroyers which were very seriously affected by overweight. The importance of proper organization and timely weight control action is illustrated by the United States DD409 Class Destroyers which had much the same experience. The necessity of clear responsibility for development of a design is illustrated by the United States Casco Class Monitors and the loss of HMS CAPTAIN. Both of which were built for their Navies without being fully designed or supervised by their Navy Departments. While the examples chosen are from the past, the principals they illustrate represent ever present pitfalls which can and will recur without intelligent weight control.


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