868. Management of Design by Critical Element Objectives


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R L Crouse: 868. Management of Design by Critical Element Objectives. 1970.



This talk will cover a discussion of the critical elements of the design cycle in systems and equipment. It will discuss and outline the needs and ways to assign priorities to the critical element objectives in the design cycle.
The basic tenor of this priority and objective discussion will be the cooperative activities and objectives of six current engineering specialists in the production environment. These will be fundamentally; the design performance engineer, the production engineer, the reliability and quality engineer, the configuration and/or packaging engineer, the cost and value engineer, and the weight engineer.
The changes from, 1) necessary funding being available to, 2) extremely limited funds and for only highly critical projects – will be reviewed. These changes and applications of funds make a specific change in the priorities of the critical elements in design. The vectoring in the sequence of the design cycle of priorities, when related to the other critical elements, includes the now military and space highly critical element of cost.
The use of a formal targeting plan in the areas of cost and weight are discussed and related for us by design engineers. These targeting procedures and applications are shown to be related in bringing true priority sequences that result in better designs with less confusion and manpower.
Management by objectives will be related to management of the design and production of systems and devices in a specific formal approach.


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