888. The Influence of Composite Materials on Aircraft Weight, Design and Performance


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J E Augustus: 888. The Influence of Composite Materials on Aircraft Weight, Design and Performance. 1971.



This is the third paper of a trilogy presenting Composite Material (SAWE Paper No. 886), Composite Weight Prediction Techniques (SAWE Paper No. 887), and The Influence of Composites on Aircraft Weight, Design and Performance. Material properties and some of the weight estimation methodology used in this paper are the further discussed in the former papers.
The various application of composites on present and new aircraft designs, ranging from Mach 2.0 to Mach 4.5, are discussed. Parametric comparisons for near-term and future aircraft are presented. These parametrics illustrate weight and performance results with respect to various applications of composites as compared with ‘all metal’ aircraft structural concepts and designs. The ‘all metal’ aircraft presented in the future aircraft section are on an equal performance basis with the composite aircraft. Major emphasis is oriented toward the advantages of future aircraft concepts designed with composites in their initial or preliminary design stages.


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