893. Analytical Weight Determination of Articulated Main Rotor Blades


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J R Neff: 893. Analytical Weight Determination of Articulated Main Rotor Blades. 1971.



This paper develops a method for estimating the weight of articulated main rotor blades. The results of the method should be suitable for use in preliminary design and weight evaluation, particularly in the case where parametric design studies are performed to study weight and performance tradeoff trends.
An approximate expression for blade running weight in terms of performance and geometric parameters is presented. A method of estimating antinode weights required to achieve a specified first-mode flapwise natural frequency is included so that total blade weight may be obtained.
A computer program for making a more comprehensive (but still approximate) estimate of blade weight, blade section structural proportions, and section properties useful for subsequent detailed analysis is presented. These results should be useful for establishing initial values of blade properties to use in comprehensive dynamic and structural programs necessary for final substantiation; the program is brief enough to be a practical one for use in parametric studies.
The method presented is limited to articulated, shaft-driven main rotor blades having performance capabilities within current conventional helicopter limitations.


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