896. The STAN/MASS System of Determining Aircraft Weight and Balance


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B J Hawkins: 896. The STAN/MASS System of Determining Aircraft Weight and Balance. 1971.



This paper will describe some of the features of the STAN/MASS Integral Weight and Balance System as presently installed on a USAF C-7A aircraft and an airline 727B.
A description of the MASS system will be offered plus some of the basic reasons behind the design which was essentially to provide high accuracy at the blocks, engines off, operational capability for the STAN system.
In addition, data is presented covering the application of STAN to the USAF Speckled Trout R&D aircraft and a commentary on the present state of the art of IWBS, together with our observations regarding the overall use of these systems in airline operations.
The success of the STAN system continues to grow as we add additional aircraft to our inventory of users. Presently about 200 aircraft are STAN equipped and we estimate over 2,000,000 hours of flight time have been recorded by the STAN system to date. Twenty-six different aircraft types have been equipped with STAN by over 30 operators thus demonstrating that the system is adaptable to most any aircraft type.


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