900. Determining Loadability Through System Simulation


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M J Coulter: 900. Determining Loadability Through System Simulation. 1971.



One of the goals of commercial aircraft manufacturers is the improvement of cargo loading and handling systems. Aircraft balance is always a significant factor in any loading system. Therefore, weight engineers must continue to develop methods to properly analyze the effects of balance requirements.
This paper describes methods that can be used to evaluate proposes systems. The proposal chosen as an example considers potential cost savings by using on-board weight and balance equipment in conjunction with a fully mechanized cargo pallet transfer system. This loading system is evaluated through a wide range of parameters by means of stochastic processes in computer-based simulation models.
The modeling techniques described in this paper may have application to current operational analysis. These could be evaluations of comparative loadability due to changes in balance restrictions for a particular aircraft. Potential applications of balance analyses of this type should also be considered as part of overall studies of complete cargo handling systems.


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