902. Weight Reduction With Bimetallic Fasteners


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W B Causey: 902. Weight Reduction With Bimetallic Fasteners. 1972.



The introduction of inertia welding to the production of fasteners has opened a new era in the development of lightweight fasteners.
It is now possible to produce a fastener with a high strength shank with a ductile tail which is capable of being upset-thus, the equivalent of a threaded fastener is available without the attendant difficulties
This type fastener is now being produced under the trade name Cherrybuck and at present is available with 6AL-4V titanium shank and commercially pure tail. However, the same concept can be applied to produce fasteners of other combinations such as Inco 718 shank and Inco 600 tail , or Hastelloy shank and TD Nickel tail.
In addition to weight reduction by eliminating the need for nut, there is a considerable cost savings which can be realized because of reduced stocking and simpler installation.


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