907. A Summary of the Design Synthesis Process


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F K Ladner, A J Roch: 907. A Summary of the Design Synthesis Process. 1972.



This report provides an overview of computerized aircraft synthesis through a summary of Vought Aeronautics Company’s Aircraft Synthesis Analysis Program, ASAP. This program is an aircraft synthesis computer model designed to size and optimize aircraft during design of potential aircraft systems. ASAP combines into one computer program analysis techniques and work procedures of the design process; automates a significant portion of the design process (i.e., initiation, analysis and optimization); and is applicable to all stages of the advanced design acquisition cycle. The ASAP development plan is presented with emphasis placed on ASAP’S evolutionary and practical development approach and its modular construction. Development status is reviewed and reveals that the analysis phase of the design process has been automated and feasibility of automating the initiation and optimization phases has been established. The existing ASAP computer program is described. Operational experience is reviewed in terms of program execution time, utilization, and cost and time savings.


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